Traditional Paving Slab

Particularly suited to driveway and domestic applications either 50mm or commercial grade 60mm paving slabs can incorporate a number of high performance specialist materials which increases strength and adds durability.

Driveway slabs are made with increased toughness and seen as a product that has added resistance to overloading and impact damage. Its blend of hard Yorkstone aggregate ensures superb durability. Added non-slip properties and similar colour tones make it a cost-effective alternative.

Inspired by natural stone in colours, many of our paving slabs come in a variety surface finishes offering an alternative highly-textured slip-resistant option ideal for steep incline and decline driveways and hard standing areas

A versatile and economical paving solution, our Standard paving flags and slabs come in a range of sizes, colours and finishes. Choose from an anti slip or a dimpled surface for a more sensory product.

Benefits Of Traditional Standard Paving Slabs.

Budget Friendly And Durable

Hard wearing concrete slabs make it a great option for a variety of situations including revitalising the home without incurring vast expense. With a choice of colours, including Buff, Terracotta or Natural Grey, it brings colour and variation to your garden or any additional outside area.

The choice of either traditional smooth or textured finish are ideal for paving flat and hard-standing areas, creating attractive and practical paths, courtyards and garden areas.

  • Suitable for shed bases and greenhouse edging
  • Hardwearing and versatile
  • Functional and durable
  • Can be laid in the traditional manner with sand and cement or by modern methods
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