Artificial Grass

There are a number of options within an artificial grass installation. Low, mid and high price ranges. For lawns, pets and play areas, we offer a highly natural looking artificial grass.

Some of the benifits of artificial grass?

  • Terrific for under trampolines and above-ground pools.
  • Looks good all the time (with no effort)
  • Play on it year-around.
  • No pesticides or fertilizers needed.
  • Durable / Long-lasting.
  • Don't need to water.
  • Lower maintenance cost (compared to regular grass)
  • Off-gassing / chemicals

Artificial turf is very environmental friendly. With an artificial lawn you no longer have to mow the grass, fertilise and water it, and, equally as important, you will not have to use chemicals for lawn maintenance anymore. The ban on plasticisers and heavy metals in the production of artificial grass is safeguarded by strict environmental standards for leaching of heavy metals so you do not have to worry about that either.

Traipsing up and down the garden pushing a lawnmower is not only a thankless task, but it’s time-consuming, taking precious hours of your free time that could be spent enjoying yourself. In addition, it can also be potentially damaging to the environment.

The fuels used by lawnmowers, strimmers and aerators are increasing the world’s carbon footprint. From an environmental perspective, the potential water savings are probably the most significant benefit of artificial turf.

Pet friendly

Unlike organic grass, artificial grass doesn't absorb certain parts of dog and cat urine and waste. Artificial grass won't be damaged from dog, cat or pet waste or urine. It drains away, similar to rainwater so you won't have to worry about buildup.

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