Porcelain Patios and Paths

We offer a huge range of paving available in all styles, colours and finishes. One of the most popular types of paving we stock is vitrified porcelain range. This premium range is favoured by customers who want a more sophisticated look and it certainly adds a touch of luxury and glamour to any garden. As well as being available in a wide range of colours and finishes it is hardwearing, weatherproof, slip resistant, extremely tough and made to last no matter what our weather throws at it.

Is Porcelain Paving Hard Wearing?

Porcelain is strong and hard-wearing meaning that it will last for years and often still looks the same as when it was installed. Being non-porous means that our porcelain floor tiles are naturally stain resistant, and will keep their looks and charms with the very basics of cleaning.

Unlike concrete and natural stone, porcelain paving stones are 100% frost free even at temperatures as low as -60°F. This is far different from natural stone pavers which have a tendency to absorb a significant amount of moisture which can lead to cracking as the moisture freezes during the winter months.

Is Porcelain Paving Slippery When Wet?

The surface texture of some porcelain paving slabs is designed to be slip-resistant, even when wet. Porcelain pavers can be a highly slip resistant choice for outdoor spaces but it's important to select the right texture. A smooth polished tile will naturally be a lot more slippery than a textured paving slab. The higher the rating, the less slippery your porcelain pavers will be.

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